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My Awesome Experience At T.G.I. Friday’s

I just wanted to share the experience my husband and I had when out for dinner at T.G.I Friday’s tonight.  We are a big fan of this restaurant, one the food is great, two because it is very close to where we live and three because of the awesome perks of being a Give Me More Stripes member.

Tonight I decided to try something new, the Caribbean Chicken Sandwich, the description sold me with the avocado and cilantro added!  I love both of these things!  Unfortunately when my sandwich came and I bit into it, I had a mouth full of cilantro stalk! I pulled the bun off to find more bare cilantro stalks than actual leaves.  Now when I use cilantro I never use the stalks, but just cut the leaves off, so that’s what I was expecting.  I ended up pulling off all the cilantro and when the waitress came over I mentioned about the stalks, she was so kind and offered to either have the sandwich remade or get a different one.  She warned that she didn’t think they took the time to pick out the stalks, so that I might want to get something else.  I did, I ended up getting my usual, Jack Daniel’s® Chicken Sandwich.

The manager ended up stopping by the table and apologizing for the first sandwich and even offered to bring me a soup or salad while I waited for my new sandwich.  I’ve never had such great customer service in which the restaurant took the initiative to make it right! Those who are taking online hospitality management degree can learn a lot of good things from this establishment.  So I just wanted to give a big THANKS to them!  I wrote up a thank you card as soon as I got home and will be mailing it tomorrow.  I think it’s very important when you receive very good service to mention it.  So often people only say things when they’ve had a bad, time, so I wanted to make sure to give credit to such a good one!

Thank you T.G.I. Friday’s!  You made our night!

If you are not currently a Give Me More Stripes member you should join!  It is FREE and you get so many great perks!  For instance when I joined I received a free appetizer coupon, a skip the line pass, and each time you go to the restaurant you receive a complementary basket of salsa and chips and for each dollar you spend you get points.  Get more points and you will get FREE items!  Can’t beat all that for just signing up with your email address!!

I also wanted to mention that over a month ago when we were at this same location, that the table behind us had a child about 6 years old at the table, who was being fussy and not eating what his mom had ordered for him.  The manager that day had stopped by and asked if the child would like a different meal!  I thought that was so nice of him to offer to get the child something else they might like better!  The manager had commented that he also had a young child and knew how difficult it can be when they’re picky eaters!  Way to go Friday’s!!!